Due to the acquisition of the drug lord's house this property was confiscated by the following PC's:



  1. (SI PC) No name as of yet
  2. Serafin Pinos
  3. Lena Barrett
  4. Mabel Pinos

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The outside of this mansion was created by setting up two support walls with a 6 cm space between the two. The mold used a special building technique in it's commission by the drug lord who was afraid of his rivals or Feds blowing up the house. In the hot Florida sun the extra space helps keep the inside cool due to it's insulation. The outside of the house is has small herb gardens along with sculpted bushes. The entire property is surrounded by an orange grove.The roof for the house has been recently upgraded to the newest solar panel tiles sometime during 2016. The inside of the house also has a room filled with battery backups banks on the off chance the power does go out. Throughout the garden are whimsical wind sculptures that are designed to harness wind to help power the house as well as the air purifier and water filtration system in the underground bunker.

***NOTE for history regarding the Mount Dora underground bunker please see this article and that article for a history lesson! Off topic, I can no longer find the article with the floor plans, but it was built to hold 10 families and have enough storage space to hold everything a person would need.

Random bedroom


  • Kitchen
  • outdoor meeting area near pool
  • foyer
While the agents do have 'official' housing assigned to them, many do not stay there and receive their mail (and other personal effects) at the office. When off the clock the members of this drive out to the commandeered safe house to sleep. Half of the house decor has not been updated much by the group except a few rooms where each member added their own 'personal' touch. A few enhanceme

nts were also added by members of the group. 

The cell members have various areas that they can hang out and unwind. Each area takes a little of the members personality but much of the original decor is in place.

While each member has their own room, there are separate
  • library (law)
  • Library (undefined)
  • Library (politics)
  • Library (undefined)
  • Grunkle's room
areas setup for their shared office space and multiple libraries. Each library is varied and covers different topics. They arrangement can range anywhere from chic to eccentric to a downright train wreck.

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